"By human standards, Haven was barely more than a village, having fewer than ten thousand inhabitants. But in fairy terms, Haven was the largest metropolis since the original Atlantis, most of which lay buried beneath a three-story shuttle dock in the new Atlantis."
The Opal Deception [src]

Atlantis is one of the 2 largest cities in the Lower Elements, the other being Haven City. It is never actually described or visited by the characters in the book series, but is mentioned frequently. Especially its prison complex, Deeps Maximum Security Prison, where dangerous criminals such as Mulch Diggums and Opal Koboi are detained. It is known that the original Atlantis is mostly buried between a 3-story shuttle dock in the new Atlantis. It is underwater and protected by a giant air bubble, and many, if not all, of the civilians use gills to breathe. More about the city is revealed in The Atlantis Complex. There is a lobby to demolish the city due to the high long-term maintenance costs. However, the Lower Elements Police Council has refused to take action due to the short-term financial cost.


  • Close to 10,000 residents
  • It has a protective dome that keeps water out and air in.
  • It is protected by water cannons
  • It can be evacuated in less than 1 hour.
  • There is a 10 mile limit for evacuations, beyond 10 miles the shock wave from an implosion will cause no damage.

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