Artemis Fowl inspired music was first created around 2010, most namely to promote the recently released Artemis Fowl novel: Artemis Fowl and the Atlantis Complex.[1]


Josh Fix, an independent singer/songwriter, was hired to write and perform two songs based on the Artemis Fowl series, presumably around late-2009, early-2010. Both were performed during the Artemis Rocks! Tour Show,[2] and Call Me Artemis Fowl became the show's theme-song.[3]


Call Me Artemis Fowl is a song based on the general plot of the series. It speaks of Artemis Fowl II foiling "your dirty little plan" and starting "something legendary." It was the Artemis Rocks! Show Tour's theme.[3]

Complex: Atlantis tells of Artemis' struggle against his Atlantis Complex. It refers to his other personality, Orion[1] (" think you're someone else.") while the start and end of the song seem to be from Artemis's perspective, telling himself to "get it together."[4]

Comparisons to similar works

Unlike the popular wizard rock, derivative songs by fans about the Harry Potter series,[5] so far Artemis Fowl inspired music has been wholly hired, official work.[4][3][2]


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