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Artemis Fowl Confidential (AFC for short) is an online fan-made resource on anything related to the Artemis Fowl series.[1]

The site is composed of news, editorials, and synopses of the Artemis Fowl books and upcoming film, a discussion forum[2], and media such as screenshots, videos, backgrounds, quotes, avatars and book covers. There is also a fan fiction section[3], other occasional contests and polls.


According to the fan-site's "About" page, a section named "The Story of AFC" and written by the user TrojanCentaur on "the site's first birthday," a man named Matt Wall created the Artemis Fowl Confidential.[4]

Author Relations

Artemis Fowl Confidential enjoys a good relationship with Eoin Colfer, regularly conducting videos, and sending videos to put on the AFC YouTube Channel[5].



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