"Sometimes plans don't translate smoothly from paper to real life."
Artemis Fowl II[src]
A movie adaptation is currently in the works with Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal attached to the project as producers.

In 2001, Miramax films was named as purchasing the film rights with Lawrence Guterman as the director. Then, in 2003, Colfer said that screen play had been announced but had much doubt and was right to have as it a decade since this has happened. Between 2003 and 2011, it was described as being in development, until Jim Sheridan expressed interest in directing.

On July 30th of 2013, the news broke out that a deal had been made with Disney (seeing as they own Hyperion Books, the publishers of the Artimes Fowl Series, it was a logical choice) to make the film. No date has been set or any casting announced, the screenplay is currently being written by Michael Goldenberg (Known for the screenplay of 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix') and the film will cover the plot line of the first two books, meeting mixed emotions with fans of the series, seeing as it is most likely the plots will be butchered into a shorter plot that fit within 120 minutes or so, and chances are things will be added and taken away. Others expect a true to the book plot that transfers the incredible experience of reading the books to the big screen.

If casted, directed, written, and delivered correctly, it could easily be a blockbuster, seeing the book series has sold over 21 million copies worldwide. And now seems like it is the best time for the film to start development, since CGI and computer animation have developed so far, and with Disney resources, it is most likely the technology and magic of the Fairy world will be as amazing as described in the books.

On 2 September 2015 Kenneth Brannah became director of movie. All fans of the series now cross their fingers and hope for the best.

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