Artemis Fowl character
Adam Adamsson
Gender Male
Job Owner of the Great Skua Restaurant
Species Human
First appearance The Atlantis Complex
Last appearance The Atlantis Complex

Adam Admasson is a burly Icelander in proud possession of both a walrus mustache with the wingspan of a fair-sized cormorant (a seabird with a long neck). He makes his first and only appearance in The Atlantis Complex. He is the owner of the Great Skua restaurant which is located at Vatnajökull, Iceland. Artemis was using the closed for season restaurant to demonstrate something to the fairy people. It is located near the Glacier Lagoon. Artemis didn't like it when Admasson was making fun of Artemis's motoring skills. Adamsson was trying to build a relationship with Artemis, but he didn't allow it. Artemis then insulted the owner to get him out of the restaurant.

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